When the past holds you hostage and just won’t let go. Trauma. It whispers in your ear that everyone can see you, that they know who you really are. Interrupts your sleep, disturbs your thoughts, creates havoc in your relationships, and makes the world around you shatter. It can be small, like Peter Pan’s shadow that trails you everywhere you go. But sometimes it can grow huge and block out the sun. It won’t be ignored. You can’t run from trauma. You can’t outwork it, overachieve it, people-please it, or save everyone else from yours.  I use a variety of methods, including EMDR, to help you find the inner peace you seek.


When the worries and panic keep spinning round and round. This time the future keeps a hold on you and you can’t stay in the present. Has it ever helped if someone has told you to “just relax, let it go, stop worrying so much?” Probably not. Anxiety is when worries, fears, and panic start creating a life of their own in your mind and your body and become very real. For those who suffer it’s an awful ailment that no one would willingly choose. We work together by calming the brain-based parts with methods such as EMDR that spin the anxiety out of control through a variety of methods, and then begin tackling some of the issues that contribute to it. There is a partnership between you and me in creating a sense of peace for you.


Healing from trauma and the past may feel insurmountable, like moving a mountain or running through quicksand. For some people, there is a resigned feeling of things never getting any better and that they will always stay the same. It doesn’t have to. We can work together to put salve on the wounds and create a “new normal” for you. We start with where you are now and work together gently to where you want to be.

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I believe this is possible for you and I can help you get there. It all starts with a phone consultation appointment. Let’s talk for 20 minutes to see if we are a good fit together and if I can help you. The only thing you have to lose is what is not working for you. I look forward to talking to you! Tiffany