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Why I Opened on Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day So I chose to open my practice on Groundhog Day and I chose for a lot of reasons. It represents the allure of change during an often bleak and dismal time of the year. Change is what I do best, helping people find their way on that difficult journey to the place of…
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Why Therapy Can Be Fun

Am I saying therapy can actually be fun?? I’ve seen a lot of people in the course of my career and have had so many different types of therapy sessions and so many different types of clients. I’ve worked with kids, adults, groups, families, in their homes, at the health department, all sorts of places,…
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Pets and The Pursuit of Happiness

So I’ll be the first to admit last Friday was excruciating because of one of my pets. Maybe you've had one of those moments in life where all of the sudden the lenses change, you’re looking at things totally different, and scared to death. Everything you were taking for granted is suddenly waiting to be…
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