Why I Opened on Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day

So I chose to open my practice on Groundhog Day and I chose for a lot of reasons. It represents the allure of change during an often bleak and dismal time of the year. Change is what I do best, helping people find their way on that difficult journey to the place of substance and fulfillment, rather than waking each morning to the tune of “I Got You, Babe” and just going through the motions. Over and over, people say the same things, that life passes us all by too quickly, and it is so true. So do you keep doing the same thing over and over, only daring to dream when no one is looking, but afraid to step out and try? The metaphorical 6 more weeks of winter? Or do you dare hope for spring? So I opened on Groundhog Day, February 2, 2015. Because I believe in chances, I believe in change, and I believe not only in tomorrows, but in the power of today. I’m a change maker, truly. groundhog day For most people, Groundhog Day, at best, is a day that passes without thought, without consequence, without event. For others, it’s a day that may be spent with a thought about a rodent who may or may not see his shadow in Pennsylvania. But isn’t it about hope and faith? Hope that things will get better and faith in something beyond yourself? One of my favorite lines from the movie Groundhog Day is “What if there was no tomorrow? There wasn’t one today.” And from that, Bill Murray’s character eventually learns that in order to get past living in the same rut and doing the same things over and over, he must conquer the internal things inside that are holding him back from achieving a happier life. This can be true for us all. So what would life be like if you lived as if there would be no tomorrow? Would you appreciate it more, make more changes? Would you find humor in the difficult situations, gain perspective? But don’t forget choice—the difference between you and the groundhog is that you aren’t waiting to see your shadow. You can decide for yourself if you want to stay in the same “today” and keep doing the same things over and over, or change it up, do something different, and start a new tomorrow! Different metaphorical song on the radio, different breakfast… groundhogday date So I opened on Groundhog Day. To offer hope and change for all who need it, and at the end, the change happens inside you.

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