Talk to me to see if we should work together: While you are absolutely welcome to schedule your first appointment online, if you want to make sure that you and I are a good fit together, please phone me to introduce yourself or send me an email with a good time for me to call and let me know what you want to work on to get a sense of how well we might work together. I am the type of therapist that believes that the #1 thing that predicts how fast you will see improvement is whether or not you’ll feel comfortable talking to me. When it fits it fits. The rest falls into place.


The standard fee for services is $100 per one hour (45-50 minute) session billable through credit card processing in advance through automatic debit. Intake sessions are $125. A valid credit or debit card number must remain on file at all times. Payments are made at the beginning of each session and if payments are not able to be made the session will be canceled. Nonpayment of fees will be grounds for termination of services as discussed in the termination policy.
    I charge the full session fee for missed sessions and late cancellations, including first appointments (if you cancel within 48 hours or fail to show up)


IN NETWORK I currently accept Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield and Aetna policies at this time and have resigned from MHN and Tricare network policies. I do not accept any other type of 3rd party payments, to include automotive issues, worker’s compensation, or any other types of reimbursements.


OUT-OF-NETWORK Companies other than the ones listed above are considered “out-of-network”: you pay me my usual fee each time you come in. I can provide you a receipt or a “superbill” if you choose and you can discuss reimbursement with your insurance company or network. At all times, regardless of whether I am an in-network provider, it is your responsibility to understand your costs for therapy. Therapy is a gift you give yourself. While your out of network insurer attempts to reimburse at a rate other than my full fee, I expect to be paid my full fee. You will be responsible to pay whatever your insurer does not. I publish my fees so you can plan ahead of time whether your arrangement with your insurer works for you.

It’s in your best interests to know ahead of time what services are covered by your plan, including whether you have mental health benefits, who covers them, your cost per session, how many sessions are covered, and whether prior authorization is needed. Your insurer (not me) decides what percentage they reimburse you at, what your deductible is, (if one applies) and everything else about your policy. So, please contact the number on your benefits card to find out what coverage limits you have, what your co-pay is, if you need an authorization, and what your deductible is.