Everything seemed perfect on paper.

And yet, something felt like it was missing. People seek counseling for many different reasons but one thing will resonate clearly with each: pain inside. Therapy can be one of the greatest gifts you give yourself. When you have a supportive, empathic, understanding therapist in your life who helps you heal that pain in a safe environment, it can be one of the greatest, most healing and fulfilling experiences of growth.
Pelorus Counseling
Have you ever felt like everyone else looks at you and thinks you’re doing fine, but you feel like you’re struggling to hold it all together? Maybe you’re the kind of person who helps others, the one that everyone goes to because you get things done. You’ve spent your life devoted to taking care of everyone else, and everything seemed like it was going fine.

But Underneath It All:

Do you feel alone, even in your relationships? Like a mess inside? Are you constantly battling the “should haves” and voices of criticism in your mind? Just tired of hurting? Of having to “act normal” or “ok” all the time? It’s exhausting. If you could feel like you could be enough? Take that in for a second and really think about what that would mean for your life. You want it to be better and I believe it can be.
As a psychotherapist, I work with adults who want to create change and a sense of balance and inner peace in their lives.

I do this through

Working on anxiety, depression, PTSD, grief, or assertiveness, for example. Helping you identify your goals- this is our “GPS” for work together. What do you hope for? Recognizing some of the “old stuff” that may be holding you back, like past trauma.Working on helping you learn to take care of yourself! Self-care is a topic that I talk often about.Challenging that self-critical inner voice that many people have.

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